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March 15, 2013
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CloudDesk v6 by ntim007 CloudDesk v6 by ntim007


CloudDesk is an online desktop made for multi-tasking, with multiple useful tools. It has the modern look of the Google UI, and the power of the latest codes used for web development. By DaKoder and ntim007. Special thanks to Carlos Jeurissen for feedback and help.

Develop apps
Read the blog
Use it

Here's the full list of changes :

- Custom Apps
>> Add you own iframed apps
>> Choose icon, width, height, and title of app
>> Delete your app with a special delete button for it
>> App gets saved, so it's always there

- Touch support
>> Full touch support
>> Touchscreen devices are detected and they turn on touch-mode to enlarge buttons and make everything touch-friendly

- Notifications
>> Get notified when you do something to your desktop

- Context menus
>> Open apps, reload page, or open the about window by right clicking on the desktop

- Apps:
>> Text Editor by DaKoder
>> Bing Search by ntim007
>> Google Translate by Carlos Jeurissen
>> Google News by Carlos Jeurissen

- New icons
>> Some Plex icons by Cornmanthe3rd
>> Some Google icons collected by Carlos Jeurissen

- Taskbar improvements
>> Better icon dragging
>> Position fixes
>> Blog button

- A lot of bug fixes

- Pagespeed improvements
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Very well made web Operating system. Everything works as Expected and (almost) no learning curve. UI looks especially good.
Also, there are very few bugs which are none too serious but some are mildly annoying.
The apps included are especially good. They get their job done, gracefully.
Appwise, the Bing & Google apps are very good. They even opens the clicked link in the window itself while keeping the search bar visible, which is extremely handy. The calculator seems to outperform even the standard windows calculator. The paint app seems fairly functional.
A highlight is the Text editing app. It is ultra functional and gives a ton of editing options. It even supports Flash, something even which is hard to do in word!

For a web based O\S, this meets expectations and outperforms them!

Bravo! Keep it up!
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What about OpenDesk :(
We decided not to release it :)
Orphydian Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
The links dont work !
Orphydian Nov 8, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
 Why you will uploading on dA the newer version? I want to feature it on my MetroFoundry group. What other works of your here on dA are up to date?  I want to add those one too 
I did upload the last version a while ago, here's the deviation :
Ntim, I have an idea for CloudDesk: Support for people with limited eyesight! Kinda-sorta like this:…
I'll consider that, we already have touch mode which make elements bigger. And since CD is quite colorful and google UI based (google did think of those people when designing) , it's also optimized for those people.
Orphydian Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Can you hint me the artist who ade that gmetro wallpaper?
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